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Images of our storage locations and customers product

We work with our customers to build a custom storage and distribution solution for their individual needs. Some customers want a very basic and standard warehouse model while others demand a custom designed process. We can accommodate either end of the spectrum and everything in between. Feel free to inquire what we can do for your supply chain.



IWLS moving an Airbus 320 aircraft body from Tupelo, MS to Miami, FL. It was reassembled and is in use now testing air craft rapid evacuation slides.


Not just another order awaiting shipment! No, it’s much more than that. We treat our customers product and orders like they are ours. Its all about ownership!



Solutions For All your supply chain needs.

Why Use IWLS?

The Versatility To Satisfy Any Project

We don’t use trends, theories, or hypothetical scenarios to set up you unique distribution footprint and processes. We start with time tested and proven methods of storage and material handling. We then take as long as is needed to learn your business, The major requirements come first and then we get into what IWLS calls the “tribal knowledge” that every company has but is rarely recorded in it’s processes. These are the little things that make your company unique and successful. IWLS does not want to do away with anything you have worked toward but instead to build upon it and help grow your company.